KnifeLyfe Catering

Welcome to KnifeLyfe Catering! Where our job is to make your celebrations that much easier. 

Welcome to Knifelyfe Catering! We are a small independent family owned business filled with passion and creativity. We bring the restaurant quality to your home or event with an experience we can all enjoy and savor! Our service provides a new concept on delicious food for any palette made with local and sustainable sources. We also provide a wide variety of cuisines with competitive pricing to work around your budget without any hesitation. A passion for food and a love for cooking is what keeps us striving to make every event memorable. KnifeLyfe Catering has the distinctiveness and skills to ensure your event is a success.
KnifeLyfe's culinary style is heavily influenced by Mexican Cuisine that also carries flavors and techniques from Japan, Peru, and Spain. With 9 years cooking professionally, the creativity and passion is driven by the knowledge and experience that I have dedicated to my career to be able to express myself in this beautiful foods form, of art.