KnifeLyfe Catering

Welcome to KnifeLyfe Catering! Where our job is to make your celebrations that much easier. 
Local harvest
At KnifeLyfe Catering we believe in sustainability, localality support, and always keeping it fresh. We work with local farms that help provide a higher quality of food for all of our services, from our fruits, vegetables, up to our proteins. We are dedicated in making your experience with us a healthier one. 
At KnifeLyfe Catering we provide services for all events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, private dinners and more. With a menu that specializes in Mexican Cuisine, we also pack a competitive arsonal of dishes from around the world.
Farmers Markets
Respecting the product
We participate in farmers markets in the Sacramento area from Folsom to Elk Grove. This is where we layout our streetfood menu and  offer our specialty spice rubs and sauces.
We take a lot of pride in our  preparations here at KnifeLyfe, we respect the whole animal and utilize the product in its entirety.
For  booking, 2 weeks in advanced is recommended depending on the size of your event for proper planning and detail. Bookings can be made by email or by phone.
From the Streets to the Executive Suites
KnifeLyfe Catering has a very versitile and unique style when it comes to menu planning, we focus on making your experience an exciting one, whether its fun and casual or formal and elegant.